Cultural heritage assessment of Stoneywood development in Aberdeen

In January 2011, GUARD Archaeology Ltd was commissioned to complete an environmental impact assessment of cultural heritage in relation to the proposed residential development of the Stoneywood Estate on the north-west outskirts of Aberdeen. We produced an Environmental Statement chapter that assessed all the sites of cultural heritage value that could potentially be affected by the proposed development and assessed the potential effects of the proposed scheme on this resource.

We began this process by undertaking a baseline survey, comprising a desk-based assessment and site walkover survey, of all sites of cultural heritage interest potentially affected by the proposed Stoneywood development.

  • The assessment identified 39 sites of cultural heritage interest within the study area, which comprised a 500m buffer zone around the development area. Only four of these sites, however, comprising the B listed Stoneywood House, the C(s) listed Stoneywood Lodge, and the undesignated Moir Garden House and site of Ruthriehill Farmstead were assessed to be directly impacted by the development, to be of moderate/minor level of significance.
  • A further four cultural heritage sites are almost entirely surrounded by the development, including a Scheduled Ancient Monument and a B Listed building, and we advised that careful design and conservation measures be adopted to ensure that these would not be directly impacted by the proposed development.
  • Due to the potential for as yet undiscovered sub-surface remains to survive within undisturbed parts of the proposed development area, we also advised that Aberdeen City Council was likely to require archaeological evaluation of specific parts of the proposed development area.

We also identified a further 14 statutory designated sites within the wider study area including three Scheduled Ancient Monuments and 11 listed buildings. We advised that the proposed development would have a moderate to minor indirect impact upon the setting of 5 of these designated sites and negligible indirect impacts upon the settings of the remaining designated sites within the wider study area.