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Modern Slavery Act 2015 -Transparency Statement

This statement sets out GUARD Archaeology Limited’s actions to understand all potential modern slavery risks related to its business and to put in place steps that are aimed at ensuring that there is no slavery or human trafficking in its own business and, its supply chains.

GUARD Archaeology Limited recognises that it has a responsibility to take a robust approach to slavery and human trafficking and is committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in its corporate activities and to ensuring that its supply chains are free from slavery and human trafficking. This is managed by senior staff being made aware of the potential for modern slavery risks through awareness training. When procuring goods or services, senior staff will ensure that as part of tender evaluation and ongoing contract management, they will consider the potential and likelihood of modern slavery through a clear understanding of the supplier's:

  • Structure, business and supply chains;
  • Policies in relation to slavery and human trafficking;
  • Due diligence processes in relation to slavery and human trafficking in its business and supply chains;
  • Business and supply chains where there is a risk of slavery and human trafficking taking place, and the steps that it has taken to assess and manage that risk;
  • Effectiveness in ensuring that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in its business or supply chains, measured against such performance indicators as it considers appropriate; and
  • Training available to all staff to support the identification of slavery and human trafficking.

This statement should be read in conjunction with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.