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Human remains can be an unexpected issue when working on commercial developments, agricultural sites and archaeological sites. We can provide specialist guidance on the ethical, legal and technical procedures surrounding this sensitive subject and offer a rapid resolution to any difficulties. Our specialists have extensive experience and a proven track record working with human remains, from providing a rapid response to their accidental discovery to their recovery, laboratory analysis and the publication of the results: all following policies and standards outlined by Historic Scotland, English Heritage, the Institute for Archaeologists and the British Association of Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology. Human bone analysis can provide a wealth of information that enhances the understanding of past populations. Our in-house Osteoarchaeologists can determine the sex, age, height and health status of an individual by examining their bones and provide insight into the burial practices of past population groups. We work with all burial types including inhumations, cremations and bone scatters and of all periods from discrete prehistoric burials to post-medieval mass graves.

Osteoarchaeology Case Studies